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The advancements that PC and video games have made over the past couple of decades are simply astounding. However, it’s not simply the visuals. When it comes to producing the most immersive experience possible, audio enhancements are equally crucial. It’s common knowledge that using headphones is preferred when playing video games. When Mark Cerny announced the Playstation 5’s Tempest audio engine, he mentioned that headphones would be the best way to experience its ground-breaking 3D audio technology.

However, you can’t just choose any pair.

They require a broad frequency response to give explosions force and enable wheelspins to screech. They require an expansive soundstage to adequately convey the size of the perilous terrain you travel through. Additionally, they require precise imagery so that you can identify the source of every gunshot.

In this shopping guide, I’ll walk you through the open-back headphones that will elevate your gaming to a new level. I’ll now review the numerous things you need to consider before buying.

The Top Open Back Gaming Headphones

It was quite challenging to pick just five of my favorite open-back gaming headphones. Both large and small brands have produced many high-quality headphones. There are frequently several headphone models deserving of a slot, even when you take those from one audio manufacturer into account.

To make the information more palatable, I gave extra points to elements like comfort and soundstage, which have the biggest effects on gaming. I also gave some thought to the additional detail offered by the $4000 Focal Utopia headphones, as it would be excessive for gaming.

These are my top 7 picks for closed-back headphones.

  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
  2. Sennheiser HD 650
  3. Sennheiser GSP 500
  4. Philips SHP9500
  5. AKG K240 Studio
  6. Samson SR850
  7. ATH-GDL3

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

Open Back Gaming Headphones

Beyerdynamic, a German producer of audio equipment, may not be as well-known as Bose or Beats by Dre, but the success of Fortnite’s “Ninja” has made them a household brand among gamers. Of course, Beyerdynamic did a fantastic job with the sound. The DT 990 headphones deliver. It was challenging to pick five of my favorite open-back gaming headphones.

First of all, these headphones are incredibly cozy. The headphones’ earcups are very padded and don’t squeeze your ears. They are open back, so your ears won’t perspire. These headphones should be pleasant for most users, in my opinion, even during prolonged use.

A vast soundstage, which is precisely what gaming headphones should have. Gaming and cinematic audio benefit from the slightly bright sound profile of Beyerdynamic headphones. Highs and mids are quite clear. There are still a lot of basses, even though it doesn’t have quite as much sub-bass extension as the more expensive Sennheiser HD650 (below). However, the sound quality is unequaled for this price range.

These headphones don’t have many flaws. Although the construction is made of high-quality polymer plastic, it lacks the elegant feel only class metal can provide. Although the audio cable is permanently attached to the earcup, finding separate cables won’t be cheap.

  • The cushion that is quite cozy. Ideally suited for extended game sessions.
  • Wide sound stage and excellent audio reproduction.
  • In the price range of premium open-backed headphones.
  • Before they are broken in, they are a little snug on the head.
  • A little bit peaky in the treble

Final Verdict

My favorite headphones for gaming are these. You receive excellent value for your money. Most significantly, if you wear these while playing video games all day, your ears won’t hurt.

These perform better in design and audio output than “gaming” headsets like the Steelseries arctic or Razer Kraken. The cost difference is small, so if you don’t need one or don’t want a sound to leak, acquire those instead.

Sennheiser HD 650

Open Back Gaming Headphones

If you like to game and listen critically, you might like a somewhat more natural tone than what these Sennheiser HD 650s offer. Few headphones, especially at their price, can equal the detail they offer. The aluminum response coils are primarily responsible for the detail. Essentially, these coils lessen harmonic distortion so that sound is heard virtually precisely as created in the studio.

Classical music and vocal-heavy recordings sound outstanding through the HD650s because of their superb midrange. The sound character is more balanced than the DT990 Pros, which are brighter.

The excellent midrange is especially useful for gaming. You can genuinely notice the extra detail these headphones offer because most ambient SFX and background music in video games, as well as dialogue, team chat, and background music, fall into the mid-range. Additionally, these headphones blend well with the rest of your music system. You’ll get even better sound if you run them via a premium DAC and a pure headphone amplifier.

The HD 650’s construction is the caliber you would anticipate from a set of Sennheiser headphones. Yes, it is constructed of (high-quality) plastic, but that only makes it 0.57 pounds lighter. You won’t feel like a rock is pushing on your ears because the ear pads have a nice velvety feel. Speaking of which, these headphones offer lots of adjustment space, so you shouldn’t ever experience the ear pads pressing against your ears.

These headphones are indeed costly. And the difference from the DT 990 Pro may not be worth the extra money for the bulk of games that heavily rely on DSP for 3D audio. However, if you also enjoy listening to music, you might want to consider them.

  • Accurate audio reproduction that sounds natural.
  • Excellent depth, height, and layering in the soundstage.
  • For audiophiles, the bass and treble complement the mids beautifully. This is also excellent for video games.
  • Airy and comfortable even after prolonged use.
  • When listening to highly compressed game audio files, fine detail might not be heard.
  • For best results, pair them with an external DAC.

Final Verdict

The HD 650 headphones are your best bet if you want the clearest sound. Sennheiser created something with the HD650 that led audiophiles to give up their $500+ headphones. They’re terrific for gaming, but because most games use excessive audio compression, their excellent detailing might not have a chance to shine.

Sennheiser GSP 500

Open Back Gaming Headphones

Open-back headphones with a microphone are highly uncommon. Typically, using a microphone with an open-back design doesn’t make sense. Each ear cup’s sound leak would feed back into the microphone. On the other hand, open-back headphones have acoustic properties that make them better for producing expansive soundstages with excellent spatial imaging.

This is problematic. Many gamers need both a built-in microphone and a larger soundstage. With the GSP 500, Sennheiser introduced an open-backed design to gaming headphones. Because the headset mic has excellent noise canceling technology that blocks out most extraneous sound, you need not worry about the sound leaking (breathing, outside noise). Additionally, it conveniently mutes itself when flipped up.

The level of comfort is suitable for extended gaming sessions. The earcups are enormous, and the cushioning is thick. These headphones won’t give you the impression that your ears are being stifled. Additionally, Sennheiser made the cabling entirely detachable, so you won’t have to worry about disorganised things when they’re not in use.

However, the sound quality of headphones is what matters most. Sennheiser makes these headphones. Thus, a balanced sound signature is to be expected. If you’re not playing in noisy situations, the open-back GSP 300/GSP 350 are superior because they have a broader soundstage.

  • Open-backed headphones with an integrated microphone. Few are present!
  • It is practical to have a noise-canceling microphone and an auto-mute option.
  • The GSP 500 is ideal for extended gaming sessions because of its thick padding, enormous earcups, and lots of adjustment space.
  • It has a 28-ohm resistance, thus a headphone amplifier is not necessary.
  • For immediate compatibility with PCs and gaming consoles, split 2×3.5-mm and normal 3.5-mm audio cables are included.
  • The sound quality isn’t as fantastic as the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro, which costs the same.
  • Your local range will be lowered by the noise cancellation feature. Unless you intend to use the microphone for karaoke, this isn’t a problem.

Final Verdict

The GSP 500 headphones will be perfect if you enjoy talking while playing online games. They are most effective for console players because using an external desktop mic is not an option. On the other hand, PC gamers would probably do better with a regular set of headphones and a good USB microphone.

Philips SHP9500

Open Back Gaming Headphones

The SHP9500s are a hugely popular pair of inexpensive headphones generally regarded as a steal for the price, even though Philips may not be the most alluring brand name out there. I’ll start with comfort.

They weigh 10 ounces and have a utilitarian style with a high-quality steel headband. Although some people might find the low clamps and shallow ear cushions irritating, they are well-built and suitable for prolonged usage.

These headphones have fantastic sound quality. The precision in the middle and treble is excellent. Although the bass doesn’t have the same sub-bass extension as the DT990 and HD650, it still has a distinct kick.

  • Very reasonable
  • Good treble and midrange precision
  • Construction that is robust and resilient at a price that belies it
  • Low-end headphones lack the fullness you get from higher expensive models.

Final Verdict

The Philips SHP9500 is the ideal entry-level open-back headphones for high-fidelity audio users. Given the price, I can’t find fault with these headphones.

They are quite durable, comfortable and have a superb sound profile with lots of clarity. Overall, the sound quality isn’t entirely on par with a nice set of Beyerdynamic or Sennheiser headphones, but it’s close.

AKG K240 Studio

Open Back Gaming Headphones

The headband adjustment system on these headphones is also somewhat sophisticated. You are not compelled to make any changes as a result. They’ll naturally fit once you put them on your head.

Though neat, it also feels overly manufactured, and the numerous moving parts make it simpler for something to go wrong. It’s also important to note that you won’t need a headphone amplifier because of these cans’ excellent efficiency and sensitivity.

  • Budget-friendly headphones with a semi-open back.
  • The spring adjustment is quite useful.
  • The earcups and headband are made of soft leather
  • Everything is somewhat muffled and lacks dynamic range.

Final Verdict

The AKG K240 Studio is the headphones for you if you desire some advantages of open-back cups and some sound isolation. Just don’t anticipate them to be as powerful as some other headphones.

Samson SR850

Samson SR850

The Samson SR850 Gaming Headphones have a budget-friendly, semi-open design that creates a spacious soundstage. They have a bright sound profile that makes it easier to hear imperfections. The soundstage is particularly impressive, with exceptional depth when listening to music. As a result, this headphone is perfect for gaming with a great sense of intimacy and immersion that is not harsh on the ears at all.

The music’s individuality is another something I enjoy. You can feel how the artist wanted the song to sound, and everything seems to have more character. It’s difficult to explain, but decent headphones make music sound more authentic. Behind the instrument, there is more significant impact. It seems more entire, present, and real.

I’ve discovered that revealing headphones sound more complete and allow you to hear bass lines, other instruments, and vocals in their fullest form. I like the 850 since I don’t feel overpowered or the music is just out of control when a song reaches its crescendo. You understand how I feel.

  • The 850 has a wonderful, sharp clarity that actually makes you happy.
  • These are quite expansive and have a beautiful sense of depth.
  • I don’t even feel the need to lower or adjust my shades as I sit here and listen to them.
  • It is astounding given the size of the container. These, in my opinion, are a little more resilient than the typical person.
  • They occasionally sound rather harsh, thus additional EQ between 8 and 10 kHz can be required.

Final Verdict

Although the SR850 isn’t a perfect pair of headphones, it offers fantastic value for the money. If I had to pay even more than a Benjamin, I would suggest them. It’s a terrific bargain at their current price. This headphone is underestimated.



The ATH-GDL3 open-back high-fidelity gaming headset, inspired by the elemental spirit of air, provides an expansive soundstage for a unique gaming experience. The ATH-GDL3 is an incredibly comfortable gaming headset, almost as light as air at 220 grammes.

A detachable boom microphone, an integrated volume control, and a mute switch are features of this lightweight headset that make it easy to use. The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is the greatest open-back gaming headset available. The over-ear headphones are lightweight (less than 220 grammes) and comfortable all day.

They were designed with inspiration from the air elemental energy. The 45 mm drivers in the cosy headset produce an exceptional high-resolution, high-fidelity sound that is roomy and enveloping. You get a flexible, detachable boom microphone with incredibly detailed audio with each wired headset.

  • Open back design improves sound quality
  • Detachable microphone
  • Easily accessible controls
  • Replaceable ear pads and cable
  • Sound isolation isn’t as good as it could be
  • Lacking padding compared to other headsets

Final Verdict

The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is a very straightforward recommendation for anyone convinced they want an open-back gaming headset. It stands out in this area because of its fairly unique design for a gaming headset. However, given the price, the heightened treble sound is somewhat dubious, and the comfort level isn’t as good as it may be (although certainly not awful by any means).

Another thing to consider is the lack of specialized software; some people could enjoy how straightforwardly the headset must be set up. The Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 is almost certainly a good choice for a gaming headset focusing on sound quality if you know what you’re getting into and what you want.

Buying Guide for Open Back Gaming Headphones

Many technical terms are used frequently in audio equipment, including frequency response, soundstage, and sound profile. Everything can be a little perplexing for someone just wanting to get a new pair of headphones.

However, arming yourself with some fundamental knowledge might help you a lot. You should at least be aware of the essential criteria to search for in gaming headphones.


In a pair of gaming headphones, the soundstage is, in my opinion the most crucial component. The high-fidelity reproduction of sound produces an imagined three-dimensional space known as a soundstage. You can tell that distinct sounds come from various locations when the soundstage is large and open.

This could be close or far away, above and below, to your sides, etc. Having this idea of locality is vital in gaming. It may even offer certain benefits in competitive FPS, such as locating the source of footsteps. More giant soundstages can be achieved with open-back headphones more easily than closed-back ones. Therefore, you’re off to a terrific start by choosing this path.

Audio Profile

When selecting your headphones, the sound profile is crucial. The article explains how the headphones emphasize particular frequency ranges.

Different sound profiles come in different forms:

Flat: This sound profile is the most impartial. Bass, Mids, and Treble are accurate to the source.

Balanced: To make the music more enjoyable to listen to, the treble, midrange, and bass were gently adjusted.

Bright: The treble and midrange are amplified to create a “brighter” sound.

Bassy: The bass is turned up to make the low end more audible.

V-shaped: The treble and bass are artificially boosted to make things sound more thrilling.

Generally speaking, you should stick with balanced or bright headphones when gaming. Bright headphones are ideal when listening to conversation and crashing sounds, which are frequently heard in movies and video games.

Comfort: In general, gamers don’t play for brief periods. In my experience, gamers frequently spend hours in their chairs without getting up. They, therefore, require comfortable headphones for prolonged use. Looking at the characteristics of the headphones is typically the best method to judge how comfortable they are.

High levels of adjustability, minimal weight, and generous cushioning on the earcups and headband are all characteristics of comfortable headphones. Your ears should fit comfortably in the majority of them as well. To find out, though, you’ll need to read the customer reviews. Be aware that comfort is a matter of personal taste. Finding comfortable headphones will be more challenging if you have larger ears or a giant head.

Closed-back vs Open-back

Are open-back headphones the best option from a gamer’s perspective?

Many people think they are, yet the answer is highly debatable. You don’t need to be concerned about sound escaping into the house and upsetting neighbours because you’re playing at home. If your room is quiet, you also don’t need to isolate yourself from outside noise.

Frequently Asked Questions about Open Back Gaming Headphones (FAQ)

Are open-back headphones better sounding?

Due to their open-backs, open-back headphones produce a superior sound quality than closed-back headphones. The clarity and immersion of the listening experience are improved by the closed-back headphones’ lack of sound muffling.

Describe how open-back headphones operate?

Open-back headphones allow air to pass from the speaker driver’s back via their ear cups. Resonances and low-frequency accumulation in the rear enclosure are, therefore, not an issue. Many pricey high-end headphones have open-backs because they sound more realistic and clear.

What kind of headphones are good for gaming?

1) Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
2) Sennheiser HD 650
3) Sennheiser GSP 500
4) Philips SHP9500
5) AKG K240 Studio
6) Samson SR850

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