7 Best Closed Back Headphones

Top 7 Best Closed Back Headphones- Buying Guide

Most likely, when you think of headphones, closed back headphones models come to mind. These are the earcups of the headphones that have a robust plastic casing.

They don’t leak sound and prevent more outside noise, but they don’t give you the same sense of openness in the sound that open-back headphones provide. They are now the standard headphone design for outdoor use, but they are also very well-liked for indoor use.

There are a huge variety of closed-back headphones on the market. And they all assert to have the best pricing, sound quality, comfort, and comfort.  Choosing the best pair of closed-back headphones might be difficult as a result.

You can choose your next pair of closed-back headphones with this article’s assistance. In addition to our suggestions, we’ve provided a brief buying guide and responses to frequently asked questions about closed-back headphones. These can be found after the article’s conclusion.

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Top 7 Best Closed Back Headphones- Types :

The following list includes our top 7 picks for closed-back headphones currently on the market:

Sennheiser HD 569 – Best Overall :

Our choice for the best closed-back headphones overall is the HD 569, which is why it is included on the list. They are made by Sennheiser, a renowned German company known for its high-quality headphones.

The Sennheiser HD569 headphones don’t need a headphone amplifier and have a well-balanced sound stage. Because of this, they are ideal for the casual user who wants to enjoy good sound quality no matter what device they plug them into. The bass in headphones at this price point is frequently overemphasized or muddy. The HD569’s flat frequency response curve produces a clear, natural sound.

Closed Back Headphones

Sennheiser’s exclusive 38mm dynamic drivers are largely responsible for the natural tone. Yes, a 38mm driver is not the largest driver available, but the size of the driver is not nearly as significant as the driver’s ability to generate high-quality sound. You don’t need an amp to power these drivers because they need 21 ohms of electricity.

The large earpads, padded headband, and 8.8-ounce weight of the headphones all contribute to its extreme comfort. Most users won’t feel uncomfortable wearing the headphones for extended periods.

Finally, the headphones come with two separate cables: a 1.2 meter (4 foot) cable with a 3.5mm connector and a 3 meter (10 foot) wire with a 6.3mm jack (ideal for an amp) (perfect for your phone or computer).

  • A wide sound stage and a genuine sound personality.
  • Limited 2-year warranty.
  • Separate cables
  • Consists of a 4 foot cable and a 10 foot cable.
  • long-lasting comfort that is wearable.
  • The headband has glue on it.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x – Runner-up :

Another excellent option for daily usage is the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x. They have everything you could possibly want in headphones, but they are a little less expensive than the Sennheisers above.

The sound profile of the 40mm magnet driver is balanced and sounds superb at all frequencies. Since neither the harsh treble nor the muddy bass will be audible, listening to the music will be simple. Compared to the Sennheiser HD569s, they don’t have quite as much low-end kick, but the bass is good for the money.

Closed Back Headphones

Some minor design elements provide the ATH-M40x with an advantage over its competitors. The earpads may be turned 90 degrees. These headphones are also collapsible, making them considerably more convenient to transport. Finally, the headphones have a high-quality carrying pouch, so you won’t have to purchase one separately.

Audio-Technica also performed well by providing removable wires with these headphones. It includes a 9.8′ straight wire and a 3.9′-9.8′ coiled cable.

  • Very good value for money.
  • 40mm drivers are available.
  • The earcups rotate 90 degrees.
  • The headphones are foldable.
  • The sound profile is well-balanced.
  • 1. Some of the other headphones on this list are more comfy than these.

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro – Third Place :

Beyerdynamic is another German audio equipment firm that routinely produces superb headphones.

Beyerdynamic is another German audio equipment brand with a great name in the market. It helps because they manufacture all of their headphones in their German factory, which improves the overall quality.

The DT 770 Pro makes a list because of its expansive soundstage and high-fidelity sound. The sound signature is relatively bright, like with most Beyerdynamic headphones. Sometimes, using an equalizer to reduce the high-end might make listening more enjoyable.

Closed Back Headphones

In classic Beyerdynamic fashion, you can pick between models with different impedance values. There are models available in 32ohm, 80ohm, and 250ohm resistances. If you intend to use them with small devices such as your phone or iPod, the low-impedance 32ohm version is advised. If you want to use it with a headphone amp, the higher impedance 80/250-ohm models will deform less at greater volume levels.

The DT 770 Pro excels at comfort and wearability. The padding on the soft-padded earcups is second to none. They’re also incredibly light for their size, weighing 9 ounces.

  • A large soundstage.
  • Available with 32ohm, 80ohm, or 250ohm drivers.
  • Very pleasant to wear for extended lengths of time. Only 9 ounces.
  • Cable is not removable.
  • The distinctive bright sound might be irritating at times.

Sony WH1000XM4:

Since the success of Apple AirPods, an increasing number of consumers have sought to eliminate wires. While current wireless technology cannot provide the same bandwidth as wired, the difference is insignificant.

Because wireless headphones are frequently associated with portability, it’s no surprise that the most popular models also include active noise-cancelling technology. Noise cancellation is possible even in crowded or noisy conditions, such as in an aircraft cabin.

Closed Back Headphones

Sony is unrivaled in the field of ANC. The previous generations of headphones, the XM1, XM2, and XM3, were constantly acclaimed as the best on the market, and the XM4 rules supreme once more. Though the headphone design is nearly identical to the XM3 (apart from bigger earpads for greater comfort), the XM4 includes Sony’s newest DSEE Extreme audio processor, which generates a wider soundstage and reveals more levels of detail.

While the Bose 700 and the new Apple AirPods Max are intriguing competitors, we still suggest Sony XM4s to anyone looking for a new set of premium wireless headphones because they strike the right blend of build quality, sound quality, and pricing.

  • Highly rated Active Noise Cancellation
  • Excellent sound,
  • It folds up beautifully.
  • Excellent design and comfort
  • Battery life of 30 hours
  • Microphone built-in
  • Costly
  • Soundstage not as vast as wired options

Sennheiser HD 4.50 :

If you’re searching for a low-cost pair of wireless closed-back headphones, the Sennheiser HD 4.50 are an excellent choice.

They’re fairly priced for excellent wireless headphones with noise-cancellation technology. This is especially true compared to more well-known headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4 or the Bose 700.

Closed Back Headphones

Although they do not eliminate as much ambient noise as the Sony WH-1000XM4, the audio quality is nearly as good. The sound quality is close to the superb Sennheiser HD 600 but not as rich or detailed.

The battery life of 25 hours is likewise outstanding; however, it falls short of the WH-1000XM4s. The only disadvantage is that they are small, and the headband has a tight fit that may become uncomfortable after a while.

  • The audio quality is excellent.
  • The battery life ranges from 19 to 25 hours.
  • Affordable
  • Microphone built in
  • Poor ANC that cannot block out louder noises
  • A tight fit may be uncomfortable.

Sony MDR7506:

Sony has a long history in professional audio, and the MDR7506 headphones are now the industry standard for music production. They were first manufactured in 1991, but are still in high demand today due to their accurate and aggressive sound reproduction.

The Sony MDR7506s provide a natural sound profile focusing on the mid and high ranges, making them ideal for music production and mixing. They are intended for critical listening since they allow us to hear every noise, click, and pop. Those expecting to relax and experience pleasure should avoid this place.

Closed Back Headphones

Another factor that contributes to the MDR-7506’s popularity is its low replacement cost. The all-plastic design and cheap faux-leather cushioning don’t scream ‘luxury,’ However, they are battle-tested headphones that work.

It’s important to note that they have a high impedance of 63 ohms, so make sure you’re using them with an amplifier or a personal Computer. This should not be an issue because they aren’t the headphones you’ll use to listen to your Spotify playlist on your iPhone.

  • Cable is not detachable.
  • The bass is disappointing.
  • An amp is required.

Edifier H840 :

Edifier is the largest profitable Chinese audio brand, and the Edifier H840 is also an excellent pair of headphones for the price.

The H840 has a simple style that looks excellent on anybody’s head. Given the price, the addition of 40mm speakers is amazing, and the listening experience is good.

The audio of the headphones is fairly bass-heavy and colourful. That may be acceptable for some, but you may be unhappy if you’re looking for natural sound.

In terms of comfort, there is enough room for your ears, the headphones are barely 7 ounces, and the cushioning is robust.

Edifier also gave those adjustable earcups and collapsibility. Both of these properties make them portable.

The most real analysis is that both earcups have a wire that leads out. It isn’t great, and it’s since they might have been the ultimate pair of inexpensive closed-back headphones.

  • Very low cost while providing outstanding range and sound.
  • Only 7 ounces in weight.
  • It is quite comfortable to wear for extended lengths of time.
  • The earcups revolve 90 degrees and the frame folds down
  • Sound is rather fake.
  • Each earcup has its own cable, which is a bit irritating.

Buying Guide for Closed-Back Headphones :

Quality of Sound

Sound quality is the most crucial consideration when choosing a set of headphones. The visible sound quality varies based on the genre of music you listen to, but in general, you want headphones with a flat or balanced sound profile. The treble, mids, and bass should all be equally powerful.


The driver is a major headphone element because it converts the electrical audio data into real sound. Closed-back headphones only have one type of driver; however, the driver’s size significantly affects performance.

Dynamic Drivers

Dynamic drivers, while excellent, are often found in consumer-grade headphones. They’re inexpensive, small, and light and provide good sound in limited amounts. Unfortunately, some of them would damage the music when utilised at a greater volume.

Driver Size

Headphone drivers range in size from 15mm to around 50mm. A larger driver is less likely to distort sound at greater volumes; therefore, consider headphones with a large driver size.

Frequency Reaction

The most frequent criterion to define headphones is frequency response (the range of frequencies that the headset emits).

While it’s easy to believe that the bigger the frequency response, the better, the truth is not nearly so straightforward; some headphones and speakers have a tighter frequency response that rolls off in the low and higher frequencies. These qualities give them a different voice that some find more agreeable to the ear.


Weight is also a significant consideration when purchasing headphones. Lighter headphones are considerably easier to wear.

I propose that you get headphones that weigh no more than 11 ounces. Heavier headphones, on the other hand, are not a deal breaker. Because bigger drivers weigh more, most high-end headphones will be close to one pound.


Everyone dislikes wearing large headphones. If your headphones damage your ears, you might not want to use them. But what factors contribute to the comfort of a set of headphones?

Comfortable headphones are often lightweight, with lots of comforts, suit your head, and do not press on your ears.

Of course, the comfort of headphones varies depending on your head and ear shape, which is why most headphone manufacturers provide a liberal money-back guarantee.

Length of the cable

When purchasing headphones, many individuals neglect the cable length. That is a mistake. Some headphones have extremely short wires, while others have lengthy, hefty cables that weigh the headphones down.

Most people choose headphones with a three-foot cord. Headphones with flexible cords that allow you to use different-length wires alternatively are even better.


If you don’t want to deal with wires, you should choose wireless headphones. Just keep in mind that they must be charged. The audio quality is generally a little less than wired headphones, and the comfort comes at a higher price.

Conclusion: Closed Back Headphones

It’s clear to understand why Edifier dominates their native Chinese market. Their prices are competitive, and their items are of high quality. However, while the H840 provides excellent value for money, it is mainly uninteresting, and individuals with larger budgets would be better served by one of the choices on this list.


What are the best closed-back headphones?

There are a few different types of headphones, but closed-back headphones are generally considered the best. They provide great sound quality and isolation and are comfortable to wear for long periods. If you’re looking for a good pair of closed-back headphones, we recommend the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x.

What are the best headphones for music?

There are a lot of great headphones out there for music lovers. It all depends on what you want and how much you want to pay. Some good options include the Sony MDR-7506, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, and the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x 

What are the best headphones for listening to music Headphones?

There are a lot of great headphones out there, and it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something great for all types of music, we recommend the Sony MDR-7506. These headphones are comfortable, have great sound quality, and are very affordable.

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