Best 8 Tips to Fix AirPods That Keep Cutting Out on Spotify

Spotify Keeps Cutting Out With Airpods – 9 Best Tips to Fix

AirPods keep cutting out, a widespread problem frequently reported on Spotify. The issue is not exclusive to one particular type of AirPod, as many users have reported the same issue across various models.

The cuts or skips occur during music streaming and can be highly annoying to listeners. Fortunately, there are several methods users can use to rectify this problem with their AirPods and get back to enjoying their favorite tunes uninterrupted.

One possible cause of the audio-cutting is an obstruction between the device and the AirPods that affects their connection. To prevent this from happening, users should ensure that their devices are kept within proximity when listening on Spotify via AirPods.

We understand that it can be overwhelming and intimidating when you have an issue that needs solving. But we are here to tell you that all your worries can be put to rest because we are here to solve your problems! Every problem has a solution – so don’t worry and let us help you.

Understanding the Problem That Cutting Out Spotify:

The problem of AirPods cutting out has been around since the early days of their release, and it has become a primary source of frustration for many Apple users. Many people have reported that the sound on their AirPods would suddenly disappear when they put their phone in their pocket, leaving them without audio.

This issue can be caused by several factors, such as a poor connection between the two headsets or interference from nearby wireless devices. It can also be due to low battery life or poor device placement.

Fortunately, users can take a few steps to try and fix this problem. These include ensuring that both headphones are fully charged before use, ensuring that the connection between them is secure and free from obstruction, and keeping all other wireless devices away from the area where you’re using your AirPods.

Spotify users have been facing an issue recently where their music pauses or stops playing when their phone’s screen goes to sleep. This affects some users regardless of their device, ranging from iPhones and Androids to desktop computers. The issue only occurs when the device has gone into “sleep mode,” as Spotify plays fine as long as someone is holding the phone or actively using it.

The issue seems to stem from a bug in Spotify’s app, which causes songs to play again once the screen wakes up instead of continuing until it ends. For many users, this requires them to constantly keep an eye on their phones and lock/unlock it whenever they need music while doing other tasks. Luckily, there are several solutions available for those affected by this problem.

Some users have reported an issue with their AirPods randomly starting to play music through the phone speakers while they’re still connected to the device. This issue can be frustrating and confusing as users may need help understanding why it is happening.

The issue of poor audio quality while listening to music and podcasts through AirPods is a common complaint among users. When using AirPods with certain streaming services, the sound quality can be significantly lower than with other streaming apps. This issue does not occur on other streaming apps, however.


Important Tips to Fix:

When making decisions, it is essential to consider all factors that may impact the outcome:

If you recently purchased a pair of Apple AirPods, you may wonder if they are compatible with your iPhone. It is essential to check the compatibility between these two devices, as incompatible ones can fail to connect and, therefore, need to be fixed.

You can quickly check the compatibility of your AirPods by going into the settings menu on your iPhone. Once there, select ‘Bluetooth’ and look for any devices listed as ‘AirPods.’ If it does not appear here, then it means that it is not compatible with this particular device. In addition, keep in mind that some older models of iPhones may be unable to support AirPods due to their lack of Bluetooth technology or other hardware capabilities.

It is essential to make sure that Apple genuinely manufactures them. Third-party or imitation devices may be cheaper than the original product but can cause technical issues and even malfunction.

To ensure that your devices can take advantage of Bluetooth connections, it is essential to maintain a certain distance between them. The ideal distance for a successful connection is 18-30 feet. Anything outside this range may result in weaker connections or complete disconnection.

If you own a pair of AirPods, you already know how convenient and valuable they are. But if your battery life is low or dying, your devices will keep cutting off during essential calls or video sessions. To ensure the best experience with your AirPods, it’s essential to check the batteries regularly.

Turn OFF the Automatic Feature

Apple devices have an automatic ear detection feature to make using your device more convenient. This feature pauses music when you remove the earbud from your ear, but it can be disruptive and troublesome when you don’t want it to be. Fortunately, if you’re experiencing this disruption, there’s a simple way to turn off the automatic feature.

Open your settings and search for “automatic ear detection” in the search bar. You will see a toggle switch that allows you to turn it off or back on as needed. If you decide later that you would like to use the feature again, follow the same steps and toggle it back on. It’s an easy process and can help save time and frustration!

Don’t worry; as a quick fix, it might be helpful to go to the Bluetooth menu and click the I button next to your AirPods. This will bring up some settings that allow you to customize how your AirPods work. One of those settings is Automatic Ear Detection. This feature allows your AirPods to detect when they are in or out of your ears so that audio playback can be managed accordingly. Unfortunately, this feature can cause problems for some users and should be turned off if you are experiencing any difficulties.

To turn off Automatic Ear Detection, go into the Bluetooth menu and tap the I button next to your AirPods. Then make sure the switch is set to OFF before exiting the menu. After doing this, everything should start working correctly again!

Reconnect AirPods:

Disconnecting and reconnecting is a quick way to fix wireless pairing issues. Follow these steps;

  • Go to the setting of your iPhone and open the Bluetooth menu on your phone.
  • In the list of devices, click the “i” button on your AirPods.
  • Go to the “forget” button and click the “confirm” button.
  • Then restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the “volume” and “side” buttons collectively until the slider with appears “power off” button appears.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and then turn ON your phone.
  • Now your AirPods are repaired.

Log out of Spotify:

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services, with millions of users listening to their favorite songs daily. However, some users have devised an ingenious trick to solve a common issue they experience while using this platform – that certain songs fail to load or play correctly. According to these users, the simple solution is to log out and log back in again.

I decided to try this trick myself and was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was in solving my problem. All I did was log out of my Spotify account and then log back in again; within minutes, I could listen without any issues! It’s great that such a simple action can quickly fix such a frustrating issue. Here is how to do it on your Apple device;

  • In the right corner of the Homepage, click the gear button.
  • The logout option will appear here.
  • Press the logout button.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Then, again login to the app.
  • Now connect with your AirPods.

Reinstall Spotify:

One effective way to resolve the issue is to reinstall Spotify on your phone. Reinstalling will help delete any corrupted files causing the problem and clean up any temporary files.

The process of uninstalling and then reinstalling the app is quite simple.

  • Go into your phone’s settings menu and locate where all your apps are kept.
  • Select ‘Spotify’ and hit uninstall, which will completely delete it from your device.
  • After removing it, go back to the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on your platform) and search for ‘Spotify.’

Disconnect Your Computer:

Many of us are possessive regarding our beloved devices. It may be a surprise that even within Apple products, there can be disputes between two devices. In this case, the dispute can arise due to a second device when AirPods are paired up with the MacBook. In such circumstances, when playing music from either device, one will try to overpower the other.

The solution is to disconnect them from your computer or any other device

  • On Macbook, click on the apple icon.
  • Select “AirPods” in the Bluetooth menu.
  • Click on the “remove” button to confirm it.

Update Your iPhone:

One of the most common reasons your AirPods may be cutting out is because they run outdated firmware. Firmware is software that Apple can only update, so it’s essential to keep up with the latest iOS updates to ensure your AirPods stay working correctly.

You should check and install the latest firmware version:

  • Go to setting
  • Press the General tab
  • Go to the software update option
  • The latest version of the software will appear here; update it

Update and Reset Your AirPods:

If you’re having trouble connecting your Apple AirPods to a device, you should first check for a firmware update. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it. Once the firmware has been updated, test the connection again. To ensure your AirPods are up-to-date, open the case near your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings > General > About.

When users encounter technical issues with their AirPods, a popular solution is to reset them to factory settings. This can be done simply by connecting the AirPods to a compatible device and accessing the settings menu. Resetting the AirPods will not only remove system bugs but can also help resolve other problems, such as battery draining quickly or sound distortion.

  • Put your AirPod in the case and close the lid.
  • Click and hold the multifunction button.
  • When the status light turns white, then release it.
  • Now your AirPod is restarted.

Remove Interference:

Wireless interference is a common issue that can lead to the cutting-up of audio or video streams when using AirPods. This type of interference occurs when another device connected via Bluetooth is too close to the AirPods. Wireless signals are disrupted by other devices in the same frequency range, which can cause audio and video to break up or even disconnect entirely.

Understanding how they interact is essential when using wifi routers and Bluetooth devices. Both wifi routers and Bluetooth use the same 2.4 GHz frequency, creating potential problems when many of both devices are near one another. It’s common for people living in densely populated areas to experience interference between their wifi router and nearby Bluetooth devices. This interference can cause slow loading times or dropped connections from either device, making it difficult to access the internet or use Bluetooth-enabled products.

Defective Hardware:

If your device has severe technical issues and you have tried all the troubleshooting steps, it might indicate that your device’s hardware has gone wrong. It could be anything from a loose connection to a short circuit. The most common problem reported by users is with their AirPods. AirPods are sensitive equipment; it can be challenging to fix when something goes wrong. In such cases, you may find yourself looking for further help because some built-in technical fault must be addressed.

Hardware defects can occur after continuous usage, especially if your device has been subject to potential damage. For example, some of its internal components may be affected if you drop your laptop or phone on the ground. This can result in software errors or even physical damage that impairs the device’s functionality.

Furthermore, contact with water can also result in hardware defects, possibly due to short-circuiting from an exposed wire or a malfunctioning component such as a chip or board. If any of these scenarios occur, you should immediately discontinue the usage and seek professional help for repairs. An immediate inspection by an expert technician should take place before attempting any repairs yourself to avoid further damages that may incur additional costs.


If your AirPods are cutting out on Spotify, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, make sure your AirPods are fully charged. Second, try ensuring that your audio is up to date on Spotify. Finally, if all else fails, there is a chance that you may need to replace your AirPods. With these tips in mind, hopefully you can solve whatever issue is preventing your AirPods from working properly on Spotify!

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