Oculus Quest 2 is Not Charging At All - Best 10 Solutions

Oculus Quest 2 is Not Charging At All – Best 8 Solutions

Oculus Quest 2 is not charging. Owners of the VR headset report that the device will not charge and that Oculus has not responded to their inquiries. Oculus Quest 2 was released in early November and quickly became a popular choice for gamers due to its low price and ease of use.

Users have started posting online that the device is not charging, with some saying they’ve tried multiple outlets and chargers. The Verge reports that some users have contacted Oculus support but have yet to receive a response.

Reasons for the Oculus Quest 2 charging problem:

Oculus Quest 2 users are reporting that their devices need to be charged. Some say that the issue started after a software update; others report that their devices were never charging, to begin with. Oculus has yet to release a statement addressing the problem, but some speculate that it is related to the headset’s wireless connection.

Power supply issue:

Oculus Quest 2 is not charging. Some Oculus Quest 2 users are reporting that their devices need to be charged and that they have to connect the power supply for the device to charge. Please try one of the following solutions:

1. Check if your power supply is plugged into a working outlet.

2. Try connecting your Oculus Quest 2 to a different outlet in your home or office to see if that resolves the issue.

3. Reconnect your Oculus Quest 2 to its original charger and check the battery level before continuing to charge it.

 4. Contact Oculus Support for more help troubleshooting this issue.

Charging port not working:

If the device is not charging, ensure the charging port is properly working. If the charging port is not working, then clean the port with petrol or any other solution, and then try to charge. After this, if the device is not set, change the port.

How to fix the Oculus Quest 2 charging problem?

If you’re experiencing problems with your Oculus Quest 2 charging, there are a few steps you can take to try and fix the issue. Some of the most common charging issues include the inability to charge the headset, slow or no charging, and headphones not working while the headset is charging. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot and fix these problems:

Check the charging status:

Oculus Quest 2 is a good piece of hardware, but its charging problems have frustrated some gamers. Oculus has released a patch that hopefully solves the issue, but some users are still having trouble. Here’s how to check your Oculus Quest 2’s charging status and see if the problem is fixed: 

  • Launch Oculus Quest 2 and sign in.
  • Click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
  • Under “Settings,” click on “System.”
  • Under “Battery Status,” you’ll see a list of devices connected to your Oculus Quest 2. If your Oculus Quest 2 isn’t listed here, it’s not currently charging.
  • If your device is listed, click on its name to get more information about its battery level (percentage filled or empty).

Use the original charger:

If you’re having trouble charging your Oculus Quest 2, follow these simple steps: First, make sure you’re using the original charger. If you’ve got a third-party charger, try using that instead.

Try another USB port on your computer if that still doesn’t work. Once you’ve tried all those things and your Oculus Quest 2 still isn’t charging, it might be time to take it in for repairs or replacement.

Cool Down the Battery:

Oculus Quest has been a popular choice for mobile gaming, but one major problem is that the battery life needs to be longer. Oculus Quest 2 was released a few months ago, and many people have complained that the battery only lasts for a short time.

There are several ways to fix this problem. One way is to cool down the battery. This can be done by reducing the phone’s use or by turning off features that don’t need to be used all the time.

Check the Charging Accessories:

Oculus Quest 2 owners report that the game console is not charging despite being plugged into a power outlet. Oculus is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.

Owners can check the charging accessories to see if they are appropriately connected to the console. If they are not, users can try using a different power adapter or plugging the console into an outlet with a surge protector.

Change the power source:

There are three options for powering Oculus Quest 2: an external battery, a USB-C port, or a micro USB port. External batteries are the most convenient and usually provide more power than other power sources.

However, they can be bulky and difficult to carry around. USB-C ports are becoming more common in devices and generally work faster than micro USB ports. However, they can be more expensive and require some assembly/setup time. Finally, micro USB ports are standard on devices and generally work well.

Clean the charging ports:

Oculus Quest 2 users have reported that the device will not charge even if the charging ports are clean. Oculus has released a statement saying that they know about this issue and are working to resolve it.

The issue may be caused by debris or corrosion in the charging port, which can cause the device to fail to recognize the charger. To fix this problem, users must clean the charging port with a q-tip and alcohol.

Factory reset the Quest 2:

Oculus Quest 2 is having a charging problem. Many users report that their Oculus Quest 2 needs to be charged, and they have to factory reset the device for it to charge.

Contact customer support:

Please get in touch with customer support if you are experiencing problems with your Oculus Quest 2 charging. They will be able to help you fix the problem and ensure that your device is always fully charged.


If your Oculus Quest 2 is not charging, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the cable.
  • Make sure the Oculus Quest 2 is appropriately plugged in.
  • Try a different outlet.
  • Check if there’s a power outage.

If none work, it might be time to take your Oculus Quest 2 to an authorized service center for repairs.


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