How to Fix Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Lights- 8 best Solutions

How to Fix Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Lights- 8 best Solutions

The Samsung Wireless Charger is one of the most famous technologies today. The charger has a sleek and modern design, and it can be used with any smartphone or tablet that supports wireless charging.

The Samsung Wireless Charger has multiple light signals that indicate when it is charging your device. It also has a built-in protection mechanism that prevents your device from being damaged while charging.

The Samsung Wireless Charger is a great way to stay connected while you are away from your device, and it is also perfect for use at home or in the office.

Why won’t my Samsung wireless charger charge my phone?

At first, your Samsung wireless charger may not be working. After all, the green light on the charger should turn red when your phone is fully charged. However, if your phone does not charge when you use the wireless charger, there could be many reasons. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • The receiver on your phone may not be compatible with the wireless charger. Try using a different USB cable or wall outlet to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Your phone’s battery may need to be recharged before you can use a wireless charger. Make sure you have enough power in your battery, and try charging your phone using a standard outlet instead of the wireless charger if that doesn’t work.
  • Make sure that the surface of the wireless charger is clean and free from debris or scratches.

Why is my Samsung wireless charger flashing green, red, and blue?

A recent trend among Samsung wireless chargers is flashing lights. Some users have reported that their chargers are flashing green, red, and blue, even when the phone is not being charged.

The cause of the flashing lights is still unknown, but some speculation suggests that it could be a warning signal from the charger or a problem with the phone. If you’re experiencing flickering or multicolored lights on your Samsung wireless charger, try using another charger or consult your device’s user manual to see if there’s a solution.

Understand the Light Indicators on Samsung Wireless Charger:

The light indicators on the Samsung wireless charger indicate how charged your device is. The first indicator is blue, which means your device is charging slowly. The second indicator is green and indicates that your device is charging quickly. The third indicator is yellow, saying that your device needs more time to set.

Condition 1: Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Green

Samsung’s Wireless Charger is one of the most popular wireless chargers on the market. The charger has a blinking green light that indicates it is ready to charge your phone. This light makes it easy to know when your phone is charging and eliminates the need to search for an outlet or cable.

Check the Charging Tools

Samsung has released a new wireless charger that blinks green to indicate when it charges an iPhone. The new wireless charger, which is said to be more efficient than current chargers, can charge multiple devices at the same time. The charger also includes a built-in light that can be used as a nightlight.

Check the Power Supply

Samsung’s Wireless Charger has been a topic of discussion on social media platforms, as some users have noted that the charger is blinking green continuously. This could indicate a problem with the power supply and may require repair or replacement.

If you are experiencing this issue, please check the power supply by plugging in an external power source and checking to see if the Samsung Wireless Charger switches from blinking red to green. If it does, there may be a problem with the power supply, and you should contact your nearest Samsung dealer or Samsung support for assistance.

Condition 2: Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Blue

Samsung wireless chargers are notorious for blinking blue lights and refusing to work. Samsung has issued a fix that will turn the blue light off and allow the charger to work, but many users are still reporting issues with their chargers. Samsung is facing backlash from consumers unhappy with the company’s lack of communication about this issue.

Remove interfering objects

If your Samsung wireless charger is blinking blue and won’t charge your phone, removing any interfering objects may help. Follow these simple steps:

  • Remove any cables or other objects that could be in the way of the charging pad.
  • Make sure the charging pad is placed close to the phone and oriented in the same direction as the magnetic field of the phone’s battery.
  • Place your phone on the charging pad, ensuring it is fully inserted into the connector. The LED light on your phone should start blinking blue, indicating that it’s receiving power from the wireless charger.
  • If your phone doesn’t start blinking blue after a few minutes, remove it from the charger and check if any obstructions prevent electricity from reaching it.

Check the Charging Status

This problem can be caused by a faulty charging circuit and can be fixed by replacing the charging circuit. To check the charging status of your Samsung wireless charger, open the app and tap on the „Charging Status“ icon. If the icon is green, your charger is working correctly. If it’s blue, there may be a problem with the charging circuit, and it will need to be replaced.

Condition 3: Samsung Wireless Charger blinking Red

This indicates that it must be charged and used only once fully charged. Some people have found that this charger does not work with their devices, claiming that the pad does not trust them. Samsung has yet to release a statement addressing these complaints.

Confirm Compatibility:

If your Samsung wireless charger is blinking red and won’t charge your phone, there is a chance that the charger is not compatible with your device. To confirm compatibility, you can try using a different charger or cable. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the wireless charging receiver on your device.

Place Phone Properly:

Samsung’s Wireless Charger is a great way to charge your phone. However, sometimes it cannot be easy to place the phone properly so that it will be set. If you are having trouble charging your phone, try following these steps:

  • Ensure your Samsung Wireless Charger and your device are plugged into an outlet.
  • Place the device on top of the charger with the screen facing down.
  • Close the cover of the charger and then hold down the power button for about 5 seconds until the blue light starts blinking rapidly.
  • Hold the power button until the blue light stops blinking and turns green.
  • Let go of the power button and lift your device to see if it is charging!

Final Words:

If your Samsung wireless charger is blinking lights, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the issue. First, check for any obstruction on the charging cord or the charging station. If there are, try to remove any obstacles and re-attach the charger. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the charger by unplugging it for 10 minutes and then plugging it back in.

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