Top 6 Best Headphone Amps - Buyer’s Guide

6 Best Headphone Amps – Buyer’s Guide

An electronic device known as a headphone amplifier is used to boost the power delivered to an audio output. These amplifiers are commonly used with high-end headphones to get the best sound. In a nutshell, a headphone amp increases the intensity and quality of sound that comes from your favorite pair of headphones.

How do Headphone Amps work?

A headphone amp can add more volume and make your music sound better. They come in various styles, from pocket-sized ones that plug into the headphone jack on your phone to small devices with big batteries that you can put in your pocket or backpack.

A great option for those who don’t want something too bulky is the Creative Sound Blaster E3; it’s about the size of a flash drive and offers fantastic battery life.

Why ought you to employ them? 

I consider the greatest headphone amplifiers to be a wise purchase… I used to get as annoyed with my phone as it would mess up songs every few minutes because of a lack of volume and distortion. Having one and not dealing with all of that is worth every penny. Plus, it can make your music sound even better!

Where can I get one?

Tired of your music sounding lackluster? Well, a headphone amp is a solution for having trouble deciding what to do with your extra earbuds. Pick up a headphone amp for your old or unused earbuds and get awesome sound out of them. A compact headphone amplifier similar to this one is available from Headroom.

Power Rating:

It isn’t easy to know how much power your headphones need, so many people rely on their laptops or smartphone. The problem is that plugging a headphone jack into a phone only produces 1/8th the voltage as plugging the jack into an amplifier or mixer. This means that using your phone as an amp doesn’t give you very good sound quality and will take a toll on your phone battery.

Inputs and Outputs:

There are three inputs on the back of a high-end audio interface: one 1/4 jack for your instrument (guitar, bass, mic), one 1/2 jack for your computer or another digital source, and one 1/4 headphone jack

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt :

AudioQuest’s DragonFly Cobalt may be the best portable DAC/headphone amp on the market today. It works well with almost any pair of headphones you can throw at it, including in-ear headphones, studio headphones, monitors, and audiophile-grade cans.

The DragonFly Cobalt has one problem—it’s only available through AudioQuest directly or Amazon, but if you want to know why this might be your favorite DAC/headphone amp ever, keep reading.


The AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt is a good choice for any audiophile. Although it is one of the priciest items on this list, it is worthwhile. I can’t recommend this highly enough if you’re on the go and need something to improve your sound. The dual-output USB input provides a solid connection with all audio devices without a headphone jack.

Sound Quality:

The AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt is an affordable and compact DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and headphone amp, which can be connected to any device via the micro USB or 3.5mm jack, with great sound quality. It provides a much higher audio quality with lower distortion and faster transmission than traditional phone output ports.

Other Features:

The DragonFly Cobalt is an extremely portable DAC/headphone amp that can be used either with a computer or via its audio jack. It features a 3.5mm balanced analog input but can be plugged into anything using the standard mini USB connection.


  • Type                                            Portable Solid State
  • Built-in DAC                             Yes
  • Output Impedance                  0.65Ω
  • Inputs                                          USB (Male)
  • Outputs                                       3.5mm (1/8 inch) jack
  • Dimensions                                 0.5 x 0.7 x 2.2 inches
  • Nothing else sounds this good in this little of a size.
  • Excellent dynamics and presentation
  • Extensive file support
  • Portability is highly valued.

FiiO Q5s:

The FiiO Q5s is the best portable Bluetooth headphone amp on the market, and I’ll show you why in this review. The Q5s has two main selling points that make it stand out among its competitors:

 First, the Q5s support up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio files and provide a high signal-to-noise ratio, leading to excellent quality.

Second, it can power any pair of headphones with its internal amplifier, making it possible to enjoy your music wirelessly without being tethered to your phone or another playback device.

How does It work?

There are a lot of great portable headphone amps out there. But not all of them work with your phone and Bluetooth or wired headphones. Enter the FiiO Q5s, the top-of-the-line for headphone amps that handle all your needs!

Audio Quality:

Wireless listening is great, but without an external power source, there can be a lack of bass, the higher volume required to listen comfortably, and distortion at louder volumes. That’s where amps come in.

The design of the FiiO Q5s ensures you’ll always have enough juice for your music because it uses one AAA battery or a micro USB connection to its own internal 2200 mAh battery pack when needed.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

With a sound so plentiful in today’s world, being outside or in a noisy public space can sometimes be hard. Sometimes, no matter how great the audio, your ears seem to soak up any noise around you.

Battery Life and Charging Options:

The battery life of this product is 7 hours but can be increased to 20 hours with a charging case, meaning that you will never have to run out of charge when out and about.

It can be charged with an included Micro USB cable by either plugging it into your computer or a wall adapter, taking just one hour to recharge, meaning you will never have to sit and wait for your headphones to get powered up!

Included Accessories:

Comes with :

leather case,

metal clip, and extra cable

Additional Features:

Setup is straightforward, virtually a plug-and-play option, as it features a minimal footprint for a Bluetooth receiver and can use wired listening with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable by simply utilizing a power source (such as through a USB port) that would normally be used to charge the earbuds themselves.

In other words, the FiiO Q5s is a cheaper yet powerful Bluetooth headphone amplifier running seamlessly in home and mobile environments. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port, and the setup is complete.

  • With Bluetooth 5.0 and many cable connection options, it is portable.
  • Boosting the gain and bass for fine tweaking.
  • Sophisticated brushed metal casing
  • The necessity of Bluetooth DACs doesn’t convince us.
  • Acceptable but not the finest audio quality

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP :

An audiophile-quality headphone amplifier usually means spending hundreds of dollars, but not with Rupert Neve Designs’ new RNHP amplifier. This standalone unit gives you the rich, detailed sound you’d expect from a high-end audiophile amplifier at an incredible price.

RNHP Headphone Amplifiers are an affordable and effective way to achieve better sound quality through headphones. You can use this amplifier as a standalone piece of equipment in any studio, but it’s also perfect for improving your listening experience.

What makes this product so special?

The Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier features a dual mono design for a cleaner sound that won’t color or distort your music. You’ll also get tube headphone amplification to give you a warmer sound. This is unlike transistor amplifiers which can overdrive and produce an unnatural, harsh tone. It’s even better because it’s built to be self-contained, so you don’t need an external power supply.

Why buy it now?

Rupert Neve designs’ headphone amp is best for those looking for accurate sound reproduction. Additionally, it is lightweight and compact, making it simple to transport. Plus, you’ll get a lifetime warranty on all purchases which is reassuring when purchasing a higher-priced item like this one. Now is the time to invest in an earbud amplifier to discover what you’ve been missing!

Who should buy it?

This headphone amplifier is a professional-grade powerhouse that can power virtually any pair of headphones you could ever imagine. It’s ideal for headphone enthusiasts and professionals who need the best clarity in their sound. Whether you use it at home or on the go, it has everything you need in an audio output device.

What are customers saying about it?

The Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier is the cleanest and most accurate standalone headphone amplifier for the money. As a result of its sound quality, this amp has become one of Rupert’s most popular products. This gear isn’t just for mastering – it offers remarkable transparency and pristine neutrality across various frequencies to deliver studio-quality detail to your cans.

Specifications :

  • Type                               Desktop Solid State
  • Built-in DAC                   No
  • Output Impedance        0.08 Ω
  • Inputs:                            3.5mm (1/8 in) jack, RCA phono, XLR & TSR balanced
  • Outputs                          6.3mm (1/4 in) jack
  • Dimensions                    6.5 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches
  • Excellent drive with beautiful tone
  • Precise but natural sound
  • XLR inputs with balance
  • Not everyone likes the sight of lab equipment.

Benchmark HPA4 :

What is the Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amp, and how can it help you improve your audio quality? This article will tell you all about what this product can do and how to use it to maximize your listening experience.

What do you want to use it?

To use a Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amp, you need four AA batteries for power and something that can be plugged into it, such as a headphone or microphone. It is easy enough to set up with one knob for volume and three buttons for treble, bass, and phantom power. Once you have hooked up your device and adjusted the settings accordingly, you can get the most out of your purchase from quality amplification.

Tips for better use (if needed):

Benchmark Audio Group’s flagship headphone and line amplifier, the HPA4, is an impeccable device capable of optimizing any audio system. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your HPA4 headphone/line amp.

Comparison with other products:

The HPA4 is a four-channel headphone amp that works as a preamplifier and headphone amp. The gain range is 0 dB to +48 dB with a step size of 0.5 dB, so it’s perfect for studio engineers and audiophiles.

Key features:

The Benchmark HPA4 is a headphone amplifier and line-level stereo preamplifier designed to make low noise and high headroom power available at its outputs. The HPA4 also has variable and fixed output level settings so that you can adjust the volume on your headphones and your speaker system. For quality sound, no matter what device you are using, invest in a Benchmark HPA4 headphone/line amp today!


  • Type                                Desktop Solid State
  • Built-in DAC                    No
  • Output Impedance         Near 0Ω
  • Inputs                              2 x RCA phono, 2 x balanced stereo
  • Dimensions                     8.65 x 3.88 x 8.33 inches
  • The very best audio quality
  • Chanel balance perfection and unparalleled power
  • The cost is high

Bravo Audio V2:

A headphone amp is a must-have accessory for anyone who listens to music through their headphones more than through external speakers. Headphone amps improve the sound quality of your music by providing increased power to your headphones, which makes it easier to hear every beat and tone in your songs.

The Bravo Audio V2 is one of the best headphone amps on the market because it provides the most features while remaining affordable and easy to use.

Power Supply Options:

Best Headphone Amplifier Power Supply Options The Bravo Audio V2 is not a portable amp, but its awesome sound and rugged build make it worth the higher price tag. Its heavy weight makes this amp easy to move between locations without needing an external power supply.

It also requires less space on your desk than a desktop amp, which can be convenient if you have limited workspace.

What Makes It Different From Competitors?

To put it simply, Bravo Audio V2 is the absolute best when it comes to amps.  These characteristics distinguish this amplifier from its rivals: At 150 ohms, there is a tremendous 44db gain.

The ability to use the power supply or battery power. Universal input capability (90-270v). Built-in muting switch for quick adjustments. And finally, an incredible warranty of five years.


  • Output Impedance          N/A
  • Inputs                              3.5mm jack, RCA phono
  • Outputs                           6.3mm jack
  • Dimensions                     1.7 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
  • Warm, gentle, and organic tube sound
  • One of the least expensive headphone amplifiers available
  • Dependability problems

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies:

Having trouble choosing the right headphones? Don’t you wish an amp could handle all of your headphones, so you don’t have to? The Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies can be your solution, and it’s also one of the most stunning-looking headphone amps around. Plus,

it has a built-in DAC! Let’s look at the WA7 Fireflies to see if its hefty price tag is worth it.

Full Review of the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies:

Though Woo Audio’s latest desktop headphone amp, the WA7 Fireflies, might seem like an expensive investment at $1999, it is packed with features and is worth considering if you are looking for a versatile desktop headphone amp.

The design includes a full tube and transistor circuitry, so it has the best of both worlds! Also included is the function to easily switch between using either half or full power via the dial on the front of the unit.


The Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies has many specs, making it a favorite among audiophiles. It has an output impedance of just 1Ω, which can drive any headphones up to 600 Ohms.

There is also an analog input selection button that changes between Coaxial, Optical, and Aux inputs. This headphone amp even comes with a display on the front of the device that tells you whether your headphones are currently at low or high impedance.


There are headphone amps, and then there are tube headphone amps. The Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies is the latter. Woo Audio has been making audiophile gear for over 25 years. They have a reputation for excellence that this little amplifier lives up to – in sound, quality of construction, and price point.

This is an expensive (though not overly pricey) piece of gear that might transform your listening experience when paired with headphones of decent quality.


  • Type                                   Tube
  • Built-in DAC                       Yes
  • Output Impedance            10Ω
  • Inputs                                 USB, RCA phono
  • Outputs                             3.5mm jack, 6.3mm jack, RCA (for D/A mode)
  • Dimensions                      4.8 x 4.8 x 5.1 inches
  • Beautiful design with a solid glass block that reveals two tubes
  • Presentation that is discrete, fluid, and clear
  • Built-in DAC is a useful extra
  • A tube amp produces higher amounts of noise and distortion
  • At this price, we’d prefer a decent solid state amplifier to a tube.


In conclusion, headphone amps are a great way to improve your listening experience. They can provide a more immersive experience by making the music sound more detailed and textured. They can also help improve the music’s clarity and make it sound more natural. If you want to improve your listening experience, consider investing in a headphone amp.


Do headphone amps make a difference?

Headphone amplifiers won’t make your headphones more precise or clear, but they will give them the power they need to deliver sound more in line with the experience they intended to provide.

Do amps improve the sound stage?

The short and easy answer is no. Amplifiers do not improve sound quality. An amplifier is made to boost the levels of audio signals.

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